Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship is a form of advertising in which companies pay to be associated with certain events. When the sponsorship of a non-profit or charitable event is involved,the sponsorship activity is often referred to as event marketing or cause marketing.

On behalf of Book Show Ticket team, thank you for your interest in our organization. We are very excited to have the opportunity to explore a partnership with local, national and international companies interested in Event & Digital marketing.

Book Show Ticket is having a long-term vision to elevate the quality of entertainment in Singapore and ASEAN region. All of us at Book Show Ticket have a vision that extends beyond traditional events. We want to engage the community by providing opportunities to participate and having rich experience to know culture, traditions, festivals and getting best of entertainment and sports in Singapore & ASEAN region. We cannot accomplish these goals without the help and support of the business community.

True partnerships with organizations like yours are at the core of our success. Our team is excited to learn about your business and challenges, so we can truly succeed as a partner in your business as well.

With this in mind, BST is committed to focusing on your organization’s goals and designing programs that win for everyone. We will design a strategy that engages the community and drives the passion of events & sports to your brand.

Corporate partnership opportunities include but are not limited to:

  • Signage (interior/exterior)
  • Media (TV, Radio, Print and Internet)
  • Promotions (in arena/in market)
  • Grassroots marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Community programs
  • Customer base development
  • Reaching out to masses

Sponsors can benefit in many ways from sponsorship.

– Building goodwill and boosting revenue.
– Increase awareness
– Enhance a company’s image and visibility
– Differentiate the company from competitors
– Help develop closer relationships with current and prospective customers
– Showcase products and services
– Event Tickets to sponsored events can be used as incentives for employees,    vendors, and customers and to promote worker loyalty

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